How to Write A Theme (Chapter) Book; Course 4


Plotmatics has been defined in the previous courses, but we can as yet put it here again simply as approaching writing by Engineering, recognizing that it is a science with a bit of the arts and not purely the arts, which are completely based on trial and error. With the arts, a process equation is not in use as in mathematics or the sciences. Arts are crafts that require back and forth practicing to get to perfection. More often than not they rely on inspiration, mood of the author, imitation, &c. These in themselves are short-comings. What if the author looses his mood? Can he write as yet? By imitation, he cannot understand if there is any underlying pattern that has guaranteed success of those he is trying to imitate. The sciences simply have a formula or guiding rule that works for everyone everywhere location notwithstanding.

The language homologous has…

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