Quite Uncommon Book Review By Maximus Clement


Tosin, a rare beauty, just dies at the nick of time when her boss, Jeff, is concluding wooing lessons to approach her for a relationship. She is choosy down to the way she is wooed. Jeff cannot get his eyes off her especially when her hips spin on the axle of her waist and her eyelids lift or shut with the grace of rose petals. He had just dropped her off at her house the previous night and hears, the next morning, she is dead. A Captain of the Nigerian Navy calls him and breaks the news of the death to him. He gets to the scene of death and discovers it is murder. Tosin’s incandescent complexion is stained with blood and her forehead hosts a bullet hole. The Captain, who had heard the gun shot the night of the murder, takes up the inquest and falls victim too when a lady is daggered in his house. She is taken to the hospital yet with breath in her, but the killer drives home his point. He gets to her amidst security network and completes the task. Somehow the murders are tied to political thuggery and the Captain searches along this line. At some point, he is also a suspect.

The killer uses a military gun for the murder – a P225, same gun as the Captain has. Based on gun-regulation in Nigeria where the novel is set, such guns are hard to come by in everyday use. It is either the Captain has fired the shot or someone with some military connection. Such kind of murders was quite uncommon and that makes the case unique. The Captain is a suspect until he can prove otherwise.

Jeff is the boss of the dead girl, with intentions to woo her. He has already started the move, having dropped her off at home a night before the murder. Now she is dead and barely two days after he turns to her closest friend, Njideka, another staff of his. She thinks that the timing is wrong at the first instant. With Tosin just barely two days dead, she didn’t think her boss should be talking of someone else almost immediately. This makes her think that he is a mere player who wants just the fun and nothing serious. She detests the idea of being used and dumped. As far as she is concerned, Jeff will not make the list. Indeed she gets to find out latter that Jeff is after the patterns her hips make on her skirt at the groin while exerting at her clothe behind. He also makes another attempt on her sister. This nails it home.

The message in the book is simple. The author uses the story to teach the ladies an important lesson. It portrays Jeff as an unstable man who did not know what he wants. He gives himself away at the instant of Njideka and fails to get what he wants. The lady seems to know what she wants. Her hips were the case in point for Jeff. Being from the Eastern part of Nigeria where the culture values life, she understands that mourning is not something to be dismissed as a child’s moonlight play. A corpse of his staff is lying in the morgue, yet he plots his way to her skirt. Where she comes from, it is a taboo. She didn’t just see him as a serious date.

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